Social security provisions in the Constitution of Macedonia, FYR

Country: Macedonia
Year: 2011

Relevant articles:

  • Article 34

Citizens have a right to social security and social insurance, determined by law and collective agreement.

  • Article 35

The Republic provides for the social protection and social security of citizens in accordance with the principle of social justice.

The Republic guarantees the right of assistance to citizens who are infirm or unfit for work.
The Republic provides particular protection for invalid persons, as well as conditions for their involvement in society.

  •  Article 36

The Republic guarantees particular social security rights to veterans of the Anti-Fascist War and of all Macedonian national liberation wars, to war invalids, to those expelled and imprisoned for the ideas of the separate identity of the Macedonian people and of Macedonian statehood, as well as to member of their families without means of material and social subsistence.

The particular rights are regulated by law.

  •  Article 39

Every citizen is guaranteed the right to health care.

Citizens have the right and duty to protect and promote their own health and the health of others.

  •  Article 40

The Republic provides particular care and protection for the family, the legal relations in marriage, the family and cohabitation and regulated by law.
Parents have the right and duty to provide for the nurturing and education of their children. Children are responsible for the care of their old and infirm parents.
The Republic provides particular protection for parentless children without parental care.

  •  Article 42

The Republic particularly protects mothers, children and minors.

A person under 15 years of age cannot be employed.

Minors and mothers have right to particular protection at work.

Minors may not be employed in work which is detrimental to their health or mortality.

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