Social security provisions in the Constitution of Liechtenstein

Country: Liechtenstein
Year: 2003

Relevant articles:

  • Article 18

The State shall be responsible for the public health system, assist institutions for the care of the sick, and seek by legislation to combat intemperance and to reform alcoholics and work-shy persons.

  • Article 20

1. To increase employment and to advance its economic interests, the State shall promote and assist agriculture, alpine farming, trade and industry. In particular, it shall promote insurance against damage and injuries to which workers and goods are exposed, and shall take measures to prevent such injuries and damage.

  • Article 25

Public poor relief shall be administered by the communes in conformity with specific laws. The State shall be responsible, however, for the supervision of such activities. It may grant appropriate assistance to the communes, especially for the proper care of orphans, the mentally handicapped, persons suffering from incurable diseases and the aged.

  • Article 26

The State shall support and promote health, old age, disability and fire insurance schemes.

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