Social security provisions in the Constitution of Georgia

Country: Georgia
Year: 2012

Relevant articles:

  • Article 30

4. The protection of labour rights, fair remuneration of labour and safe, healthy working conditions and the working conditions of minors and women shall be determined by the Organic Law.

  •  Article 32

The state shall promote the unemployed citizen of Georgia to be employed. The conditions of the provision of a minimum standard of living and the status of the unemployed shall be determined by law.

  •  Article 36

1. Marriage shall be based upon equality of rights and free will of spouses.

2. The state shall promote the prosperity of the family.

3. The rights of the mother and the child shall be protected by law.

  • Article 37

1. Everyone shall have the right to enjoy health insurance as a means of accessible medical aid. In the cases determined in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law, free medical aid shall be provided.

2. The state shall control all institutions of health protection and the production and trade of medicines.

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Social Protection and Human Rights