Social security provisions in the Constitution of Croatia

Country: Croatia
Year: 2014

Relevant articles:

  1. Economic, social and cultural rights
  • Article 57

The right of employees and their family members to social security and social insurance shall be regulated by law and collective agreements.
Rights related to child-birth, maternity and child care shall be regulated by law.

  •  Article 58

The state shall ensure the right to assistance for weak, infirm or other persons unable to meet their basic subsistence needs as a result of their unemployment or incapacity for work.

The state shall devote special care to the protection of persons with disabilities and their inclusion in social life.

The state shall devote special care to the protection of Croatian war veterans and disabled Croatian war veterans, as well as the widows, parents and children of fallen Croatian war veterans.

Receiving humanitarian aid from abroad may not be forbidden.

  • Article 59

Everyone shall be guaranteed the right to health care, in conformity with law.

  • Article 62

The family shall enjoy special protection of the state.

Marriage and legal relations in marriage, common-law marriage and the family shall be regulated by law.

  • Article 63

The state shall protect maternity, children and youth, and shall create social, cultural, educational, material and other conditions promoting the achievement of the right to a suitable life.

  • Article 64

Physically and mentally disabled and socially neglected children shall have the right to special care, education and welfare.

The State shall take special care of parentless minors or parentally neglected children.

  • Article 65

Everyone shall have the duty to protect children and infirm persons.

  • Article 70

Everyone shall have the right to a healthy life.

The state shall ensure conditions for a healthy environment.

Everyone shall, within the scope of their powers and activities, accord particular attention to the protection of human health, nature and the human environment.

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