Social security provisions in the Constitution of Belarus

Country: Belarus
Year: 2004

Relevant articles:

  • Article 32

Marriage, the family, motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood shall be under the protection of the State.

  • Article 41

The State shall create conditions necessary for full employment of the population. Where a person is unemployed for reasons which are beyond one’s control, he shall be guaranteed training in new specializations and an upgrading of his qualifications having regard to social needs, and to an unemployment benefit in accordance with the law.

  •  Article 45.

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus shall be guaranteed the right to health care, including free treatment at state health-care establishments. The State shall make health care facilities accessible to all of its citizens. The right of citizens of the Republic of Belarus to health care shall also be secured by the development of physical training and sport, measures to improve the environment, the opportunity to use fitness establishments and improvements in occupational safety.

  • Article 47

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus shall be guaranteed the right to social security in old age, in the event of illness, disability, loss of fitness for work and loss of a bread-winner and in other instances specified in law.

The State shall display particular concern for veterans of war and labour, as well as for those who lost their health in the defence of national and public interests.

  • Article 48

The State and local self-government shall grant housing free of charge or at available prices in accordance with the law to citizens who are in need of social protection. No one may be deprived of housing arbitrarily.

  • Article 97

The House of Representatives shall:2) consider … the basics of social security; the principles regulating labour and employment, marriage, the family, childhood, maternity, paternity, education, upbringing, culture and public health; …

  • Article 107

The Government of the Republic of Belarus shall:

– ensure the execution of a uniform economic, financial, credit and monetary policy, and state policy in the field of science, culture, education, health care, ecology, social security and remuneration for labour;

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