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The Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation in Law and Policy

Resources - Author: Ashfaq Kha lfan, Ceridwen Johnson, Danielle Morley, Hannah Neumeyer, Heidi Adler-Michaelson, Isabella Montgomery, Jean-Benoit Charrin, Laura van de Lande, Mary O’Connell, Thorsten Kiefer, Virginia Roaf / Year: 2012

This  publication  is  an  extensive  overview  of  laws  and  policies  guaranteeing  the  human  right  to  safe  drinking  water  and  sanitation  at  the  national,  regional  and  international levels. It includes sources from 97 countries. Keeping this publication to a reasonable size, but at the same time providing for a representative ...

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Social Protection and Human Rights