Platform Components

 I. The Framework

The framework explains the obligations outlined by existing human rights laws and standards which are relevant to the design, implementation and evaluation of social protection programmes. The platform provides an explanation of fundamental principles and relevant instruments, of what is required by law for a human rights-based approach to social protection, laying the groundwork for a discussion of implementation issues.

II. Expert Commentaries

Commentaries written by leading practitioners and researchers explore the complex challenges associated with the human rights-based approach to social protection.

III. Key Jurisprudence and Legal Resources

This collection of jurisprudence from domestic, regional and international arenas usefully demonstrates how the terms of the law have been applied in specific cases for the promotion of social protection. The platform also provides a list and explanation of legal instruments that promote the right to social security.

IV. Resources

This section provides a curated list of reading materials, including reports and articles, as well as links to organizations, programmes, projects, databases, blogs, multimedia materials and news.


Our goal is for this to be an interactive platform, and we invite you to submit suggestions for new topics to include, expert commentaries, and any other comments to
Social Protection and Human Rights