The platforms specific objectives are to:

  1. support national level implementation of ILO Recommendation 202 on Social Protection Floors from a human rights perspective;
  2. ensure that any social protection assessment tool, such as the Inter-Agency Social Protection Assessment Tools, takes into account the human rights obligations of States;
  3. contribute to the implementation of the post-2015 agenda by providing insight on the design and execution of human rights-based social protection systems;
  4. question assumptions about social protection and economic, social and cultural rights that currently dominate the global discourse;
  5. scrutinize politically sensitive and timely post-2015 challenges from an international and interdisciplinary perspective;
  6. share human rights-based social protection policy and programming experiences to determine effective ways of closing existing gaps in promotion and analysis;
  7. encourage policy makers, civil society organizations and the academic community to critically and consistently assess the most significant and persistent challenges to human rights-based social protection;
  8. engage unconventional actors from diverse activist communities in a conversation about concrete practices and approaches for a rights based approach to social protection;
  9. promote and facilitate South-South cooperation in implementing rights-based social protection programmes; and
  10. raise awareness and facilitate learning about the links between social protection and human rights by maintaining a dynamic collection of resources.

The platform will be continually updated. New resources will be made available on a regular basis, including information on emerging topics.

Our goal is for this to be an interactive platform, and we invite you to submit suggestions for new topics to include, expert commentaries, and any other comments to sp_hr@unrisd.org.


Social Protection and Human Rights