Sanitation and Hygiene in South Asia. Leave No One Behind: Voices of women, adolescent girls, elderly, persons with disabilities and sanitation workforce

Organization(s): Fresh Water Action Network South Asia, Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)
Regions: Asia
Year: 2015
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The ground-breaking report highlights the plight of voiceless, underserved groups, and their need for safe and satisfactory sanitation and hygiene. “Leave No One Behind” summarizes the sanitation and hygiene hopes and aspirations of thousands of women and men of different ages and physical ability, across rural and urban areas in eight South Asian countries. In these countries, over a billion people are without safe sanitation. They represent individuals and groups rarely heard because they are seldom asked what their constraints are, what they need, how they cope and how they might design services differently to enable universal access and use.

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