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Inter-Regional Report on Labour Migration and Social Protection

Resources - Year: 2013

Since the 1970s in particular, the countries of Western Asia and those of the Asia-Pacific region have been closely linked to each other through highly extensive movements of people. Opportunities created by the rapid development of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), but also other countries in...

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Confronting Inequalities in Asia and the Pacific: The Role of Social Protection

Resources - Year: 2014

As the development agenda beyond 2015 takes shape, it is increasingly being recognized that inequality is an impediment to the integration of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Despite high and enduring economic growth and significant progress in terms of poverty eradication, inequalities persist in Asia and the...

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ESCAP Social Protection Toolbox

Resources -

Summary: The Social Protection Toolbox has been developed as part of a United Nations project entitled  Strengthening Social Protection. The toolbox is a platform that provides support to policymakers and stakeholders for moving toward broader and more robust social protection systems. Using multimedia and data visualization techniques, the Toolbox...

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Social Protection and Human Rights