Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, 1954 (UNHCR)

Year: 1954

Relevant articles

Article 24:

Labour legislation and social security

  1. The Contracting States shall accord to stateless persons lawfully staying in their territory the same treatment as is accorded to nationals in respect of the following matters:

a) In so far as such matters are governed by laws or regulations or are subject to the control of administrative authorities: remuneration, including family allowances where these form part of remuneration, hours of work, overtime arrangements, holidays with pay, restrictions on home
work, minimum age of employment, apprenticeship and training, women’s work and the work of young persons, and the enjoyment of the benefits of collective bargaining;

b) Social security (legal provisions in respect of employment, injury, occupational diseases, maternity, sickness, disability, old age, death, unemployment, family responsibilities and any other contingency which, according to national laws or regulations, is covered by a social security
scheme), subject to the following limitations:

i. There may be appropriate arrangements for the maintenance of
acquired rights and rights in course of acquisition;

ii. National laws or regulations of the country of residence may prescribe
special arrangements concerning benefits or portions of
benefits which are payable wholly out of public funds, and concerning
allowances paid to persons who do not fulfil the contribution
conditions prescribed for the award of a normal pension.

  1. The right to compensation for the death of a stateless person resulting from employment injury or from occupational disease shall not be affected by the fact that the residence of the beneficiary is outside the territory of the Contracting State.
  1. The Contracting States shall extend to stateless persons the benefits of agreements concluded between them, or which may be concluded between them in the future, concerning the maintenance of acquired rights and rights in the process of acquisition in regard to social security, subject only to the conditions which apply to nationals of the States signatory to the agreements in question.
  1. The Contracting States will give sympathetic consideration to extending
    to stateless persons so far as possible the benefits of similar agreements which
    may at any time be in force between such Contracting States and non-contracting



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