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Social Panorama of Latin America 2017

Resources - Year: 2017

In this edition of Social Panorama of Latin America, ECLAC has addressed the questions posed by the countries of the region in three major areas: income inequality between individuals and households and how these relate to labour market dynamics; the evolution of poverty and its determinants; and the effects...

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Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean: Coverage and investment trends

Resources - Author: Bernardo Atuesta, Simone Cecchini / Year: 2017

This document analyses the evolution of the population coverage and investment of conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes, which are poverty reduction initiatives, in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean over the past 20 years. The analysis is based on up-to-date, detailed information from the database on non-contributory...

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Towards Universal Social Protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools

Resources - Author: Carla Bronzo, Carlos F. Maldonado Valera, Cecilia Rossel, Daniela Simioni, Fabián Repetto, Fernando Filgueira, Isabel Brain, Luis Hernán Vargas Faulbaum, María Nieves Rico, Nuria Cunill-Grau, Rodrigo Martínez, Simone Cecchini, Umberto Bonomo / Year: 2015

The book is aimed at international and national decision-makers at all levels, as well as academics and university students interested in learning more about the development of the region’s social protection policies and programmes. It is hoped that it will prove particularly useful to those responsible for designing, executing,...

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Instrumentos de protección social: caminos latinoamericanos hacia la universalización

Resources - Author: Cecilia Rossel, Fernando Filgueira, Rodrigo Martínez, Simone Cecchini / Year: 2015

El objetivo de este libro es discutir y difundir conocimiento sobre aquellas políticas públicas, programas y marcos regulatorios que, desde un enfoque de derechos, están permitiendo ampliar la cobertura y las prestaciones de la protección social en América Latina. Por un lado, se procura brindar al lector un panorama...

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Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes: The recent experience in Latin America and the Caribbean

Resources - Author: Aldo Madariaga, Simone Cecchini / Year: 2012

This document summarizes experience with conditional cash transfer or “co-responsibility” (CCT) programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean, over a period lasting more than 15 years. This document, which it is hoped will serve as a basis and input for discussion and progress in building social-protection systems premised on...

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Shaping the future of social protection: access, financing and solidarity

Resources - Year: 2006

The proposals put forward in this document are designed to build bridges between social rights and policy guidelines aimed at making them more enforceable through improved access, better financing and greater solidarity. To this end, the study devotes particular attention to some of the main issues relating to social...

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