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Report on the effects of foreign debt and other related international financial obligations of States on the full enjoyment of all human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights (A/HRC/34/57), submitted by the Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Human Rights, Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky

Resources - Author: Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky / Year: 2016

The present report is submitted by the Independent Expert on the effects of foreign debt on the enjoyment of all human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights, Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution 25/16. The report focuses on labour rights in the context of economic...

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Extending Social Security to the Informal Economy – Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Moldova

Resources - Author: Kenichi Hirose, Miloslav Hetteš / Year: 2016

Every member of society has the right to social security. Ensuring adequate social security for all is one of the key goals of the ILO’s Decent Work agenda. Most European countries have already established comprehensive social security systems. The existing systems typically operate in the forms of contributory social...

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Employment Failing Young People? Addressing the Supply-Side Bias and Individualization in Youth Employment Programming

Resources - Author: Justin Flynn, Marjoke Oosterom, Philip Mader, Santiago Ripoll / Year: 2017

International development actors increasingly focus on youth employment as a key development challenge. The recognition of high rates of unemployment, underemployment and job insecurity among young people around the world has led to a plethora of youth employment interventions, as well as often problematic discourses about youth “dividends and...

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Gender and Labour in Saint Lucia: Brief

Resources - Author: Debbie Budlender / Year: 2016

St Lucia’s Quarterly Labour Force Surveys of 2012 suggest that the educational achievements of women aged 15 years and above are noticeably higher than those of men in the same age group. Thus 12 percent of women record having a diploma, certificate or degree with a further 31 per...

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The Indian Labour Market: A gender perspective

Resources - Author: Govindan Raveendran / Year: 2016

This paper provides an in-depth analysis of trends in labour market outcomes of women in India based on unit level data sets of employment and unemployment surveys undertaken in 1999-2000, 2004-2005, and 2011-2012. The paper analyzes the gender differentials that exist in the employment status of women and men...

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Trade Liberalization, Social Policy Development and Labour Market Outcomes of Chinese Women and Men in the Decade after China’s Accession to the World Trade Organization

Resources - Author: Shi Li, Sui Yang, Xiao-yuan Dong / Year: 2016

How trade liberalization affects women’s position in the labour market and what role public policy should play to make the process work better for women are among some of the most debated issues in academic communities and in policy-making arenas. This paper sheds light on these contentious issues by...

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ITUC Frontlines Report: Collective Bargaining

Resources - Year: 2013

Five years since the “great recession” started, the failed policy of austerity has left a legacy of extreme levels of unemployment, rising inequality, the marginalisation of a generation of young people and the desperation of a growing informal sector where rules simply don’t apply. International institutions did not prevent...

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Income Inequality: Time to Deliver an Adequate Living Wage

Resources - Year: 2014

Inequality is growing in almost all nations, and wages are amongst the lowest on record as a share of wealth. Unemployment is the highest on record and while more than 50 per cent of workers are in vulnerable or precarious work 40 per cent of workers are trapped in...

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Access to courts and the right to work for informal traders in South Africa

Legal depository - Country: South Africa / Body: Constitutional Court of South Africa / Year: 2013

Upon an urgent request, the Constitutional Court of South Africa intervened in a lower court affair to prevent the municipal government and Metropolitan Police Force from hindering what was asserted to be lawful activity by informal traders under the auspices of “Operation Clean Sweep”. Until the legality of the...

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World Report on Child Labour: Economic vulnerability, social protection and the fight against child labour

Resources - Author: International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) / Year: 2013

This report focuses on the role of social protection in preventing and reducing child labour. It is the first in the series of World Reports on Child Labour called for in the outcome document, the Roadmap, emerging from The Hague Global Child Labour Conference of 2010. The World Report...

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Labour rights

As highlighted in the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization (2008), social security and the fundamental principles and rights at work are inseparable, interrelated and mutually supportive. There are many ways in which social security interrelates with fundamental principles and rights at work. For example, the...

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