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Single registries and integrated MISs: De-mystifying data and information management concepts

Resources - Author: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / Year: 2014

In recent years, there has been greater focus on coordinating and harmonising systems for social protection, which  has led to growing interest in and pressure on exploring ways to integrate data and better handle information management across social protection programs. This paper aims to resolve some confusion by discussing the advantages...

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Social security coverage extension in the BRICS: A comparative study on the extension of coverage in Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa

Resources - Author: ISSA / Year: 2013

This comparative study of the International Social Security Association ISSA presents the diverse approaches of the BRICS for the  extension of social security coverage. It shows how responses take into account the local realities and environment in each country, with a focus on innovations that measurabley extend and improve...

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Information and management systems

Management and information systems (MISs) are of critical importance in the administration of any social protection programme, including for the identification and registration of potential beneficiaries, the determination of their eligibility and entitlements, contribution collection, the delivery of benefits, and the processing of complaints and appeals. The enormous amount...

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